Institute for the Study of Squirrel-Human Urban Cohabitation
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Using her sixth sense for 'crisis management' opportunities, Ms. Claire Killmen, SVP Marketing, descends upon the lab...

"Heellllloooo, Hyman, you amazing genius you... And you,Todd... get me a latte won't you? Good. Hymie, of course I know everything that goes on here at the Institute. How are you doing with the name change, Dude?"
"Gulp... 'Dude'? You're kidding. 'Geek,' maybe... but 'Dude'?"
"Yes, Dude, our focus groups showed that the aging Boomer enviro-conscious, cocooning, small indulgencing, down-aged consumer is drawn to the retro connection of your granddad, Rube." the beginning. Go on...
  (c) 1999-2001 by Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky
Comic Strip Factory art parts (c) 1986 by Trici Venola and Kurt Wahlner