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"Welcome to Squirrelfeeders.com"

"We're yet another portfolio business of JFS Consulting, a North Carolina nanocorp!"

"Woah, Dude! A little decorum please, my darling little squirrel food delivery and edutainment systems engineer. I'll take it from here."

"Claire Killmen, here, telling you how thrilled we are to be clicking along as the most exciting portfolio business of the renowned JFS Consulting nanocorp."


That's okay, Claire. We'll speak for ourselves when it comes to the Big Picture of Squirrelfeeders.com and its position in our nanocorp's diversified business involvements that include the following dejobbed small businesses:

The Really Big, Big Picture...

Squirrelfeeders.com is being developed as an Open Community Business Web involving a network of entrepreneurial free agents and dejobbed small businesses in rural and urban U.S. Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities. Learn more about our business model by reading 'Shamrocks and Nanocorps: Bridging the Digital Divide with 'Small is Good' Business Webs' at Sohodojo.

Quality of life issues... a slam dunk

Highly Recommended
Age of Unreason is a Sohodojo must-read.
The Age of Unreason
Nanocorping secrets revealed by one of England's most astute minds! Everyone, not just nanocorpers, should read this book at least twice.

We love our urban wildlife neighbors. Birds and squirrels are favorites. Our cat, king of our domain to his mind, is mature enough to tolerate our growing involvement with the wild critters on our 3/4 acre suburban yard.

If we can tap into our love for feeding and interacting with squirrels and find a business opportunity, yahoo! We know we can have a lot of fun with this one.

A simple product, well sold...

Our A-Team*
Tom Malone
Michael Schrage
Gareth Morgan
Todd Rundgren
A Nanocorp's 'A-Team' is a list of folks the nanocorp wants to work with, or study under, in a self-organizing, 'Just In Time, Life-long Learning' program.

Can you connect us with one of our A-Team? Who's on your A-Team? We might know them. ;-)

Find out more...
about A-Teams, Sandboxes and other self-organizing collaboration techniques at Sohodojo.

Strategically, we wanted a renewable inventory, non-technical product-based e-commerce site in our portfolio of subsidiary businesses.

The Pop Culture Store, our down-aging trend-play, is a great e-business demanding fun and interactive content. It has one big drawback, however, its inventory is not easily renewable. Once it's gone, it's gone.

We wanted a simple product-based business. Selling a simple, physical product has a lot going for it when compared to the breakneck and whimsical dynamics of information-based technology service businesses.

We wanted something we could have fun with on the product engineering and marketing/sales sides of things.

A ripe market with sleepy competition...

Squirrel feeding is a market tied to growth in the phenomenal bird feeding marketplace. Some goodly number of folks feeding birds will happily wind up feeding both birds and squirrels.

The squirrel feeding industry is sleepy and imitative. A handful of players make a handful of essentially the same few products.

If you seek out squirrel feeding products, you will find any number of each of your basic product designs; your lidded nutbox, the twirling corncob spinner, the corncob seat and chair, the corncob see-saw, and variations. Only the proprietary Squirrola(tm) cake food and wireframe feeder system bucks this trend.

Even the biggest players in squirrel feeding have only rudimentary e-commerce sites. We smelled opportunity.

And on top of it all, none of the squirrel feeder product companies were having nearly as much fun making and selling squirrel feeders as we know we will have... so Squirrelfeeders.com was born.

And it's dead-on with the trends

We love feeding squirrels but what are the chances for squirrel feeding as a business?

Squirrelfeeders.com is solidly supported by the Popcorn Trends cocooning, clanning, small indulgences, down-aging, egonomics and maybe a little save our society.

What can we say? It's in the stars. We intend to sell more squirrel feeders than anybody, one way or the other, eventually. In the meantime, we will have a lot of fun building a business that is near and dear to our hearts.

Take a look at our ClickSpread Analysis of all the JFS Consulting portfolio businesses.

The e-tail outlet for the R&D Labs of the Institute for the Study of Squirrel-Human Urban Cohabitation


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