Our story so far...
Episode 1:
Hyman's Surprise!

Coming attractions...
Episode 2:
"Dear R&D Diary: They're smarter than I thought!..."

 Go ahead, we can take it... Give us a piece of your mind.

"Welcome to Squirrelfeeders.com"

"Whoa, Dude! Tone it down, remember?

Hi, folks. I'm Todd, from Marketing. We had a little slip up in the launch of our break-out product line! We're not really open for business just yet.

But there are some really cool things brewing. Unusual stuff... like how we're being developed as a self-organizing Open Community 'Small is Good' Business Web and rad stuff like that... Oops, here comes..."

"Hi there. Claire... Claire Killmen. Thanks, Todd, I'll take it from here.

I'm not nearly the hyper-competitive, career-focused, insensitive executive manager Todd thinks I am. Although I was a bit dismissive of him during that product launch fiasco... Oh, well, that's behind us now. "


"Look, let me bottom-line it for you.

You, the squirrel feeding public, deserve creativity and innovation in your consumer choices in squirrel feeding delivery systems. "


"We, at Squirrelfeeders.com, pledge our best creative and constructive efforts to fulfill your every squirrel feeding desire with our soon-to-be-launched premiere line of modular, extensible, entertaining and educational squirrel feeders. "

"Won't you please add your name to our product annoucement list to learn about the first products offered through our Open Community 'Small is Good' Business Web."

(c) 1999-2001 by Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky
Comic Strip Factory art parts (c) 1986 by Trici Venola and Kurt Wahlner
The e-tail outlet for the R&D Labs of the Institute for the Study of Squirrel-Human Urban Cohabitation